Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hell o world

My political life started with the early eighties in the U.S., so it has been wholly within the Age of Nixon, the Era of Reagan.  Therefore it involved resistance, from somewhere behind the scenes.  With Obama's upcoming administration, I choose to believe that positive action will become possible.  Part of that involves writing about my small piece of what's going on.

I plan to have a good deal of this blog be about my work, which involves public access to data,  especially pollution and financial databases, and the use of these data within activism.  There are perhaps three people I can think of who would be interested in geekery about these databases and their uses.  Since I'm going to be blogging anyways, I might as well write about everything else as well -- primarily poetry and SF criticism -- which similarly should be of interest to almost no one.  However, taking my cue from the creative efforts of certain financial businesses now sadly going bankrupt, I understand that combining together large numbers of individually uninteresting things into one whole can permit tranches of the whole to become quite interesting.  And you, reader, will get only the best.  It's guaranteed.

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  1. Thanks for being willing to enter the fray. I have always really appreciated your thinking and your commentary. Now i get a chance to read more of you with less searches.