Friday, January 2, 2015

literary criticism of Adam Roberts' work

I've written quite a bit about Adam Roberts' SF on this blog. I thought that it was finally time to collect it (including some material never posted on the blog) on a more permanent site whose home page is here. For the occasion, I've written a new piece on his novel Polystom.

From here down is a copy (without the full bibliography) of what's on the main site:

Some notes on reading Adam Roberts

Books that I've written about are linked below. Each of these essays is in a different formal style in keeping with the individual work that the essay is about.

  • Salt (2000)
  • On (2001)
  • Stone (2002)
  • Park Polar (novella) (2002)
  • Jupiter Magnified (novella) (2003)
  • Polystom (2003)
  • The Snow (2004)
  • Gradisil (2006)
  • Splinter (2007)
  • Land of the Headless (2007)
  • Swiftly: A Novel (2008)
  • Yellow Blue Tibia (2009)
  • New Model Army (2010)
  • Anticopernicus (novelette) (2011)
  • By Light Alone (2011)
  • Jack Glass (2012)
  • Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea (2014)
  • Bete (2014)

The order that I wrote about these works in was, if I remember rightly: 1) Stone, 2) On, 3) Splinter, 4) Yellow Blue Tibia, 5) Anticopernicus, 6) Polystom, if you want to read only the more recent ones.

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